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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

A Pictorial Look at Black Tree - V.II, VI.II

Black Canyon City is a small town roughly twenty minutes above the Phoenix area. During drives between Phoenix and the Verde Valley, I always loved to look out at the changing landscape, so it was natural for Julia to describe this land in a couple of places, as well. Because she gives the names or at the least the general area of each place, it's easy to tell which location she is in. But did you catch all of the locations that Abigail described?

For instance, in V.II, Abigail reaches a place with "an obelisk of raw earth and rock that grew up from a sloping platform" (89). She gives no name to this place because Abigail isn't in our time, but the place that I was describing was Black Canyon City, a little spot along the highway that has always caught my eye. There are so many shapes and colors and textures to look at. Here you can see a couple of pictures I took from the car on a cloudy day this past December.

I have one more view to share with you today. In VI.II, Abigail gives a rather bloody description of the redness of a Central-to-Southern Arizona sunset. I guess you could say I took a beautiful thing and gave it a touch of the grotesque--but Abigail's description is thematic and by way of theme returns to beauty. Here we have a glimpse of a Phoenix sunset's notorious bright orange, taken a couple of weeks ago at the Desert Botanical Garden. It's a rather dark picture for a sunset shot, perhaps, but that goes well with the darkness of Abigail's description, don't you think?

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