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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Memorial Day Sale

I'm starting the Memorial Day Sale early, and you're the first to find out. You can currently get paperback and hardcover copies of Black Tree for 30% off at this link. It's a good time to start stocking up on summer reading.

The sale will continue through Monday. And if you're still undecided, click here to read the first chapter before you buy the whole book.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Black Tree Visiting the Libraries

One of the things that I know as a reader is that you often find the books that speak to you most in the smallest places. This is why it's important to not just read newly published books, and the reason why used bookstores can be so valuable. It's in random places that we make discoveries. Someone bought A Walk Between Heaven and Earth for me at a yard sale, for instance, and that book turned out to heavily influence how I approach writing. And I just posted on my blog yesterday my reaction to Alma Snell's autobiography, Grandmother's Grandchild, which was a book that I greatly enjoyed and happened to have found at an antique store.

It's with this idea of sharing books that people started putting together Little Free Libraries (with the give one, take one style). So it occurred to me that this might be a place where I can share my book. Maybe the first person to find it won't love it. Maybe they will. Either way, they will hopefully pass it on, and it can reach even more people this way. It's just a small bit of sharing, but I like the idea of it. I started with leaving one in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale. I would like to put out at least a couple of more in this way, but I didn't want to be too pushy, so I've been waiting a bit. Soon, though.

If you come across Black Tree at one of the Little Free Libraries around Phoenix or even elsewhere, I hope you enjoy this experience of quiet book sharing.

And if you're more into traditional libraries, I believe the Sedona Library has a copy. I haven't brought it to any of the libraries here yet.

One more small piece of news: you can also find Black Tree listed on the Alumni Publications page for ASU's Department of English (click here for the link). Obviously you don't need to find it there if you're already here, yet it's still fun to see it there with all of the other recent publications. The ASU alumni (and faculty) certainly keep busy with writing.

As always, click here to buy Black Tree. It's also available from the usual online retailers, if you prefer: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, and iTunes.